Friday, March 24, 2006

Nothing Like Doing Taxes and Eating Chips!

Foods Eaten: decaf coffee; eggs; butter; peeled pear; beef steak; green cabbage; gin; organic potato chips; sunflower oil
Calories: 1756 Fat: 132 g Carb: 55 g Fibre: 10 g Protein:59 g Alcohol: 21 g
Weight:153 lbs

Feel incredibly focused today, but unfortunately it's all on totally un-work-related stuff. God, I should be fired. Feeling pretty fantastic, though, and I have a feeling I'll feel even fantasticker once I get out of this office building and into some fresh air.

Feeling a bit tired straight after lunch (3 pm) and really wanting to get out of here. I have more tax stuff to do tonight (and this weekend in general). We're supposed to meet with D on Monday to finalise everything and he is supposed to come back to our place for dinner afterwards. What will I make? Somehow I doubt he'll be too impressed with over-fatted Brussels sprouts and sauceless lamb chops. Looks like I'll have to make separate meals for myself and them. I feel like a slave-mother who is forced to cook separate meals because of a picky child (only I'm the picky child in question). I never wanted to be a difficult person. Honestly.

Ick, now I'm being forced into having drinks after work with co-workers! Will have one, then leave.

Feel pretty positive this evening but have a big time headache. Could it be from being hunched over a million receipts and a calculator? From the gin and soda I had this evening? Or from dairy withdrawal? Or from accidentally eating some amines in something (not too hard to do, considering they're in all meat if you leave it long enough). I don't actually know when the meat at the market has been killed, let alone packaged. I try not to buy anything that looks super-sealed in the package and that could sit there for days without going grey. Who knows! I have eaten beef for the last two nights and beef is always aged here for at least 21 days (or can be aged for much longer even before it gets to the butcher's, depending on the supplier). I should try to stick to chicken and lamb. Wow, I'm really painting myself into a corner with all these restrictions. Soon I'll be eating nothing but sawdust and any insects that happen to run/fly by. Now that I'm such a successful weirdo, I may soon get to graduate to locking myself into a room, wearing tissue boxes for shoes and urinating into jars.

On a brighter note, I just ate 18 potato chips. Hazaa! Can't remember the last time I did that. Not too many carbs, exactly, but definitely too many at once. And boy did they taste good. With any luck, I'll wake up a happy, healthy, leggy supermodel and I will have found the answer... chips. Here's hoping. Actually, you know what? When there's no junk in the chips, you can stop eating them after just a few! The addictive quality is barely there without the chemicals. Double hazaa. I'll try not to do that very often, though. Anything out of a package is suspect to me, no matter what the ingredient list says.



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