Friday, May 26, 2006

Just in time...

... for my pig-out, I've woken up and finally dropped a tiny bit of weight. Don't worry - I intend on putting it all back on tonight. I think I've decided to have the tasting menu, but avoid alcohol, which always seems to compound any eating indiscretions by 1000000%.

Foods Eaten: chicken with breading (probably containing msg) at work lunch; butter; potatoes; bottled salad dressing; mince; hemp seeds; cashews; raisin bread; pan-seared foie gras with pommegranate syrup; fennel and celery sorbet; black cod on brandade with beurre blanc; spinach; passion fruit bread pudding; chipotle ice cream; salted caramel mousse; chocolate cake; passion fruit panna cotta; banana chocolate bread pudding; grapefruit salad with sabayon; chocolate and rosewater creme brulee; half bottle of red wine

Cal: 2215 Fat: 127 g Carb: 133 g Fibre: 8 g Protein: 83 g Alcohol: 33 g
Weight: 154 lbs

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