Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Not Again!

So I ate breakfast a little late this morning - about 11:20 am. Had a scramble with lots of butter and a spoonful of porridge. I'm taking a small spoonful - hardly any carbs ingested. And now, about an hour later, I feel so incredibly exhausted. Completely and utterly knackered. I could fall asleep right in my chair. This is a bad sign, as it's usually how I feel at the beginning of a hypoglycemic reaction. What follows this feeling is a strange tightness in my chest and extreme restlessness, followed by shakiness, slightly blurred vision, cravings for caffeine (which I have not been indulging in any way for a while now), followed by hunger, irritability and a feeling of desperation. I'll probably have lunch somewhere in the middle of this cycle, which will just 'reboot' the cycle all over again and delay the more unpleasant symptoms until later this afternoon (usually when I get home from work, just in time to see my sweetheart, where I sometimes end up tearing him a new a**hole for no reason).

I felt quite hypoglycemic yesterday in the afternoon, too.

I was really on an upswing for a while there and things have just not been the same since two Saturdays ago. I don't know if perhaps I'm being exposed to something... or maybe the detox following that meal two Saturdays ago has been incredibly long. Or maybe this is all part of the original detox and I'm just not seeing the forest for the trees. Or perhaps this is a delayed reaction to giving up dairy, or more recently decaf coffee, since I've started to suspect it too. Or perhaps I have another deeper underlying problem that was temporarily relieved from yet another change in diet but is now rebounding.

Or maybe I'm just imagining the whole f%#$ing thing.

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Blogger the witch said...

Annabelle, your symptoms are just too freakishly similar to mine to be on the wrong track. I don't think I ever got round to mentioning all the sore throats I keep getting, and haven't mentioned half the "almost headaches".

Have you been feeling consistently ill all that time? You shouldn't be trialling oats, zinc, or dairy if you're still feeling ill. You "gained weight for no reason" immediately after you ate oats.

I've checked back through your diary. You've been eating grains virtually every day ever since you gave up dairy, when you hardly had them before. Several times you said you felt nauseous, starting immediately on the day you started eating grains. Go look back through your diary, you started feeling sick almost every day or other day, then you felt panicked, then about 4 days in to grain eating you had the BBQ and by Tuesday you were feeling bad and you lapsed into permanent illness. I hate to say it but you were doing better all through March when you ate dairy and didn't eat grains!! Go back to what you were eating before!!! :)

Bicarb: how much have you been taking? Have you been taking it with potassium? I read that you won't detox properly - just accumulate further - if you take bicarb soda without potassium.

6:54 p.m.  
Blogger Mother Nuture said...

Oh my God you're right. I feel like a tit for not noticing this!! I'm going to cut out grains again and go back to eating pear and potato as my carbs. I'm not going to reintroduce dairy until after I feel well again, just in case.

I have added potassium, but not consistently. I haven't been marking it in fitday, or really measuring when I've used it. I've just been (only on some days when I think of it) using half regular salt and half lo salt on my eggs and cabbage etc. to balance things out. But probably not nearly enough to compensate for the amount of bicarb I've been having (I mix bicarb with my ascorbic acid to buffer it).

Oh my God, it would be sickly hilarious if grains were the problem and I didn't even notice.

I started on folate, B12 and B6 last night, but now I'm questioning whether I should continue with them or if they'll be interfering with my results.

11:29 a.m.  

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