Friday, April 07, 2006

Meat and Amines

Foods Eaten: Croissant; clarified butter; eggs; egg yolks; decaf instant coffee; green cabbage; lard; shortbread; potatoes
Calories: 1779 Fat: 154 g Carb: 58 g Fibre: 5 g Protein: 47 g
Weight: 154.5 lbs

I've barely eaten meat lately. I've been on a real egg kick for the past week or two, mostly because I am worried about amines.

For some reason, I can handle the idea of avoiding salicylates, but amines are another story. I have mild paranoia about them and I'm not afraid to admit it. Amines seem... sneakier than salicylates. You can take a perfectly failsafe food, like beef or chicken, then accidentally age it too long or keep it half a day too long in the fridge before you get a chance to cook it and all of the sudden it's teeming with amines. And going to the grocery store every night to pick up fresh meat is just not practical, especially when I don't even know how long it's been sitting there in the butcher's case.

I think part of what makes me so paranoid is that I have the distinct impression that I am amine sensitive. If I weren't, I would be a little more easy-going about eating meat. I've definitely noticed a correlation between eating less-than-fresh meat with having horrible moodiness. And moodiness and depression is my biggest concern, lately. I find that being slightly overweight isn't even that big of an issue for me, as long as I'm feeling good inside. But combine the chubbiness with a little bit of amine-related depression or irritation and you get one unhappy girl.

Salicylates are almost easy to avoid as a low-carber, but amines are a nightmare for me.

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