Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oh Yeah! My blog!

Wow. Long time no prattle on...

Let's see if I can Coles Notes the last year for you...

My eczema turned into something called perioral dermatitis, which, as it turns out, was largely caused by a medicated cream that my doctor prescribed for me. My case was much much worse than anything I've seen online. All the photos I've looked at have made me think I should send in the photos of myself from when it was at its worst, so people know how very bad it can get. To say it was not pretty would be a vast understatement. My face looked like it had been dragged behind a truck. And painful! Ugh, the word painful doesn't even describe what was going on. So I went on antibiotics (which I stopped taking halfway through the 2 MONTH course) and bought a UVB light. I'm happy to say that the eczema - all of it - went away and has not since returned. I still use my light every few days, which seems to keep my skin in awesome condition. Also, the light seems to have allowed me a much more varied diet. I can be 'mostly' failsafe and get by just fine and am not nearly as strict.

On a crappy note, my parents were both diagnosed with serious illnesses 5 days apart last year, too. So that explains, mostly, why I've been away from this thing. My motivation to write just dropped off in the face of all that stress. It just seemed like an added stress that I didn't need.

But now, things seem to be easing up, slightly and the parentals seem to be doing OK and I'm going to try to update when I can with yummy surprises!