Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Dairy Trial

I think it's about time for that dairy trial I was talking about. Maybe tomorrow I will drink a whole pint of cream (or close to the whole thing) throughout the day, along with some eggs for protein and we'll see how I react. I'll be sure to stick to my ratios as best as possible, to eliminate the possibility that a deviation in my macronutrient ratio affecting the results. The cream will make it harder to stick as low carb as I have been for the last two days, but I'll stick to below 60 grams of carb. [Edit: I've decided against this since I'm not entirely well from other reactions yet.]

I actually feel better now than I did earlier. I got a little worked up earlier - not sure why. I haven't even eaten lunch yet and I still feel OK. About an hour after I last posted, I got a small surge of energy and felt like I could carry on a bit better. Thank God!

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