Sunday, March 26, 2006


Foods Eaten:Eggs; butter; goat's milk; peeled pear; decaf coffee; cashews; unbleached flour; cabbage; lard; egg yolk; maple syrup
Calories: 1768 Fat: 150 g Carb: 62 g Fibre: 9 g Protein: 52 g
Weight: 153.5 lbs

Feeling sick. Earlier this evening I had a bout of nausea for no apparent reason. Now, it's midnight and I just feel under the weather in general. Very phlegmy and I have a tickle at the back of my throat and a pretty bad headache.

I never used to get headaches. If, in fact, if I ever did, I knew there was something wrong with me because they happened so infrequently. I do remember, when I was younger, staying away from chocolate and orange juice because they sometimes gave me a headache (salicylates!). Especially orange juice. Just goes to show, I knew what I was talking about. Eventually the headaches went away from those foods (or I just got good at ignoring them?) and I took up eating them again (mainly chocolate - I've never been a huge fan of orange juice because it's so acidic to me and hurts my mouth and throat).

Was a bit naughty tonight and had a dinner of fried cabbage only because I just didn't feel like meat. Then I had really eggy pancakes, which upped the fat and at least got some egg protein in. I felt nice afterwards. I'm still full hours later, which is a good sign. Thank God for fat!

I'm (for now) giving up on trying to figure out what has made me feel so bad tonight and I'm just going to try to get through it. Too many variables to guess at the moment. I'm just beginning my period, I've a couple of bouts with milk in the last two days and I also spent the afternoon browsing through a shop that sells crystals and stone jewlery that reeked of incense. Why is it that people have to play into stereotypes? "I love rocks and crystals so I'm going to open up a shop and inundate people with aromatherapy while I sit down and have a big glass of rice milk and eleven gluten-free cookies."



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