Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ahhh, back to normal

Foods Eaten: decaf coffee; cream; eggs; butter; Havarti cheese (organic); chicken; veal stock; duck fat; tiny bit of 85% chocolate (5 g)
Cal: 2218 Fat: 197 g Carb: 18 g Fibre: 1 g Protein: 92 g
Weight: 157 lbs

There's a relief in getting back to a routine. I do enjoy eating, but part of me really enjoys eating optimally. It makes me feel good and I'm really beginning to love and savour optimal foods. I crave fat. My calories have been a bit out of control lately, even while back on track, mostly because of all the carbs and food chemicals I've eaten this week. I've been starving today. I'm not even remotely surprised. I just have to flush my system out again and I'm sure everything will return to normal. Work has been stressful and new lately, so it has caused me to not be as diligent, eating-wise, but this must change. I can't keep screwing up - it's just going to make me sick.

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