Friday, December 08, 2006


Ok, so I had my doctor's appointment today. And you'll never believe where this effing lump came from. So, so weird. I'm glad my doctor is smart because she figured it out in, like, two seconds.

The very first thing she asked me was if I had had a sore throat or cold lately. No, I haven't. bit of a pause... Is your scalp itchy, by any chance? Um... actually yes - horribly itchy, scabby and painful lately. Let me take a look... she looks... Yes, you have a scalp infection. Problems in the scalp often manifest as a swelling of the nodes.

What the shit? I would never have guessed that I had a big ass lump on my node because I have dandruff!

I've always had a condition called seborrheic dermatitis. My old doctor told me that it was common in redheads. I never thought much of it and lumped it with all my other skin sensitivities, which I now have attributed to food chemical intolerance. I occasionally treated the dermatitis with medicated shampoos, but would often get lazy with it and just end up using whatever shampoo or conditioner was on sale, only to have the flaky itchy scalp return. When I went Failsafe, it went away. Of course.

Well now I've got a script for a bloody steroid cream that I'm supposed to smear all over my scalp! Needless to say, I'd rather not use it and I think a strict return to Failsafe (which, as you know, I had recently had a bit of a vacation from) should cure me completely. This makes total sense - this is the result of all that crap I've been ingesting lately. Even since 'getting back on track', I've had to go to a couple of holiday office parties where I ended up not being 100% responsible with diet. They were small cheats, but cheats nonetheless and have kept me from properly detoxing. We'll see what a couple of weeks of strict diet does.

So curious how so many things end up relating back to chemical sensitivities. This is just more of a reason to stay on track. I should have known - my skin's been horrible lately. Pimples, rashes, hives, itchiness galore. I was calmly ignoring it all, figuring it would all go away once I got through Christmas and had a chance to get back on track. Looks like I won't be waiting until Christmas is over - I won't be having any holiday indiscretions this year. Or, at least, not if I don't want to have a giant goiteresque lump sticking out the side of my neck.

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Blogger the witch said...

Phew! That's a relief, glad you're okay Annabelle! Funny story though! :)

4:07 p.m.  
Blogger Mother Nuture said...

Hey, when a tumor scare can become a funny dandruff-related anecdote, everyone's a winner! :)

Now, the trick is to not get cocky again and start eating a bunch of crap over the holidays. So far, I'm doing good - although I just ate some old-ish cream and am looking forward to a nice fat amine reaction for my Monday morning. SIGH!

11:51 p.m.  

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