Thursday, April 13, 2006

A New Day

I feel good. It's a new day and I feel fresh. Hopefully, this is a positive sign. As I stated yesterday, I caved in and started taking methyl donors. I say 'caved in' because I really should have waited until I was totally 'clean' of reactions before I started trialling something new, but I just couldn't resist trying something that may make me feel better. Plus, I'm taking a substantial number of methyl donors now, so I should know pretty soon if they're not a good idea. My regimen includes the following:

- a sublingual tablet called Homocysteine Formula (by a company called SISU), which includes methylcobalamin, folate and B6 in a decent ratio. This was the only form of methylcobalamin at my health food store that didn't have a bunch of junk added to it, such as polyols and 'cherry flavour'. Luckily the added vitamins are also methylation-supportive and I needed them anyway. 1 tablet, 3 times daily.
-1 tsp of Trimethyl Glycine (a.k.a. Betaine or TMG)
- 2 tablets of L-Methionine, which comes with added B6
- Zinc is a supporting element in methylation and I was not meeting my RDA, so I'm taking a small dose (15 mg) and have stopped experiencing nausea from it. Yay.
- Ascorbic acid, buffered with sodium bicarbonate
- potassium salts
- Okinawan Coral (for calcium, magnesium and Vit. D)

I tried to get molybdenum, but they didn't have a supplement that didn't come as a multivitamin. The lady at the store just looked at me like I had just fallen off the stupid idiot truck and said "You don't need a pill of molybdenum all by itself. Your RNI is only about 15 mcg and you'll find it in any of these multivitamins."


Hmmm, funny how I just can't get away from supplements. Seems like I'm always either their biggest supporter, or feeling like I'm too dependent on them and feeling as if they may be 'not good' for me. I'm thinking, however, that I've just been focusing on the wrong ones. If I am predisposed genetically to undermethylation, then I will have to take them forever. But yeah, suddenly having to spend $50 on supps when I thought I was done with them (and already have a cupboard full of them, which are now no longer applicable), seems like a bit of a cruel joke! Especially if I find out that they are contraindicated for whatever ails me. Let's hope everything works out and I don't have to toss them out. Ha ha, maybe if they don't work out, I can ship them to Emma! Along with some liquid glycerine shampoo.

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