Thursday, May 04, 2006

Another symptom

Foods Eaten: Eggs; potatoes, clarified butter; egg yolks; chicken; Brussels sprouts; lard; cashews; hemp ice cream
Calories: 2249 Fat: 208 g Carb: 51 g Fibre: 11 g Protein: 55 g
Weight:153.5 lbs

I forgot to mention... When I was working this past weekend, I was in a giant building and I kept having the strange sensation that I was in an airplane - my ears kept popping! They were also ringing quite a bit and my hearing would come in and out. Now they are very sore and itchy inside. Right now I'm in a bit of agony, actually, as they feel totally inflamed and itchy and painful and every time I try to scratch them I just make it worse or I can't reach the itch. I wonder if I have an ear infection? I don't usually have one in both ears, though. Strange and horrible.

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