Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Foods Eaten: Eggs; clarified butter; canned pear in syrup, drained and rinsed; chicken; Napa cabbage; celery; leeks; garlic; instant decaf coffee (whoops).
Calories: 1436 Fat: 119 g Carb: 28 g Fibre: 4 g Protein: 69 g

Well, I feel better today. My face is still slightly inflamed. Last night, I had an epsom salts bath, plus I applied my homemade cream to my face, concentrating on the inflamed areas and today the irritation pales in comparison to yesterday. I had some calcium and potassium to balance all the magnesium. My mood is fine and physically I feel fine again. My spots are reducing a bit. I find the cream really helps with those too. They just shrivel up!

I find it hightly disturbing that I can go to a restaurant, pick out all the food myself and watch the cooks make the food I'm eating and still have such a drastic reaction. What the hell was in that food?? Were the vegetables or meat treated with some kind of preservative? The meat was actually shaved in frozen form and the frozen shavings were piled into a big serving dish that you serve yourself from. If it were thawing and being refrozen, it would all stick together and be hard to remove from the dish, but it wasn't at all. It seemed (and tasted) very very fresh. I really think the culprit was the grill because the reaction was very much an MSG-type reaction (only 1000 times worse than I'm used to) and the grill is the only place my food could have come in contact with anything of the sort.

I'd love to go out for a walk today at lunch to try and rid my body of some more toxins through exercise, but I have a busy day ahead of me. We'll see.

Oh, and my period has disappeared again... (?!?!?!)

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