Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Foods Eaten: cashews; eggs; egg yolks; clarified butter; chicken; decaf coffee; cabbage; tiny bit of carrot; homemade rice flour shortbread (one tiny piece)
Cal: 1587 F: 145 g Carb: 24 g Fibre: 8 g Pro: 54 g
Weight: 155.5 lbs

The past few days are being written in retrospect. Still had the headache from yesterday for most of the day. Reminds me of the headache I had when I was originally detoxing on Failsafe. Ugh. Feel good mentally - happy - just in a lot of pain. Barely had any appetite - ate breakfast at about 11:30 am, then not again until about 8 pm. Then felt nausea and had the runs in the evening. Went to bed exhausted and nauseated at about 11:30 pm. Ugh.

Oh by the way, I bought some SAMe at the health food store and started taking that on Saturday. You're supposed to take one tablet, twice a day, for the first 3 weeks, then just one per day after that, "or as directed by a health practitioner". I certainly don't feel like it's hurting. Aside from that killer headache from those fumes, I've felt pretty darn good for the last few days.

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