Monday, March 27, 2006


Foods Eaten: Eggs; decaf coffee; clarified butter; rutabaga; cabbage; egg yolks; potato; cashews; lard
Calories: 1713 Fat: 155 g Carb: 45 g Fibre: 8 g Protein:42 g
Weight: 153.5 lbs

Ok, I'm quite confused about vitamins. I've been reading Emma's recent blog postings about Vitamin C and Calcium and I'm not sure how to proceed. I've checked Fitday and seem to be meeting my RDA in Vit. C, no problem (but is the RDA enough?). I used to drink ascorbic acid mixed with a bit of bicarb of soda in a tall glass of water several times throughout the day before I started failsafe, but gave up on all my vitamins in a fit of paranoia about added salicylates and amines and, as well as the food sources of the vitamins (salicylate sources, especially for B vitamins).

The thing I'm worried most about right now is calcium. I'm not even scraping the surface of my RDA now that I've given up milk and dairy. I'm not even making beef or chicken stock anymore because of the amines and glutamates. I think I'm hovering around 20% of RDA. Without being able to eat calcium-rich veg (because they have too many salicylates), I'm not sure where I'm supposed to get my calcium now, if not from a supplement. All the Failsafe vitamins listed on the web are Aussie brands because that's where most of the focus for Failsafe has been. They have a wonderful network of people working together to find hidden dangers in foods and supplements... but here? Nada.

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Blogger the witch said...

me again :)

pure ascorbic acid powder and dolomite powder should both be failsafe. ascorbic acid is generally manufactured synthetically from starch by using enzymes.

you could always treat them as trial substances and see how you go with them?

4:40 p.m.  
Blogger Mother Nuture said...

I think you're right - and it's too important for me to get some calcium in not to try. I have done ascorbic acid today, so if all goes well with that, I'll move on to the calcium. Thanks for the suggestion!

6:27 p.m.  

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