Sunday, April 23, 2006


Foods Eaten: Eggs; rye bread; butter; potatoes; clarified butter; chicken fat; chicken; Napa cabbage; celery; leeks; garlic; egg yolks
Calories: 1377 Fat: 108 g Carb: 45 g Fibre: 7 g Protein: 64 g
Weight: 151.5 lbs

Funny how I've somehow, accidentally or purposely, exercised in some way or another every day for the past week. All in the form of walking around, so nothing terribly strenuous, but still. Today I went on a long hike through the country (for about an hour) and it was taxing, but very very nice. And I feel pretty nice today, despite the fact that I drank a bit of alcohol last night (which usually stimulates my hunger tremendously) and also had a couple of non-failsafe things: 1 oz roasted cashews, plus an ounce of raw ones, which is too much; fast food French fries (only a few, but still... they were probably covered in chemical preservatives; a cigarette (eek); a few crumbs of chocolate cake. None of these were a huge deal in and of themselves, but together they may add up to something, especially the cigarette.

Today, it continued, since I still in a stranger's home until around noon. Luckily, they tried to be very accomodating and had a daughter who couldn't eat wheat or dairy, so they gave me a piece of wheat-free, yeast-free dark rye toast with my eggs. I looked at the package later and realised it contained an organic sourdough starter, which is no good. Later in the evening, I had terrible gastro-issues - that rye bread just tore right through me and gave me considerable cramping, to boot.

Like I said, though, I feel good still. We'll see if it lasts. Shockingly, the weight loss is going very well, so far.

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