Saturday, April 15, 2006

Strange Reaction

I can't say my mood has been stellar in the last two weeks. Today I had moments of cheerfulness and luckily my hunger has been fine today. But I did have one very strange symptom.

I took a shower earlier today and when I got out, my face was totally inflamed and red and my nose itched tremendously (this happened once to me before when I was on holidays in Cuba and spent a couple of hours in a moldy dance studio). The creases between my nose and cheeks are still red, itchy and painful. My nose is slightly runny as well - kind of like when you're just getting over a cold and your nose is still running and raw from constantly blowing it.

Could my soap have come in contact with A's in the shower and this is just a contact dermititis? Or am I reacting to a food or a chemical? I did trial garlic yesterday. I also used a non-failsafe cleaner on the bathroom again yesterday because I ran out of the vinegar/water solution I had been using.




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