Thursday, April 13, 2006

Cranky Pants

Foods Eaten: Eggs; egg yolks; clarified butter; peeled pear; cashews; lamb; cabbage; rutabaga
Calories: 1764 Fat: 168 g Carb: 27 g Fibre: 4 g Protein: 46 g
Weight: 154.5 lbs

That's what I am. A cranky pants. Have been since coming home from work. I'm not feeling hungry, either, so I don't think it's hypoglycemia-related. Weird. I don't like it and considering it's a long weekend, I'd prefer to be in a better mood for it. I do feel some career-related stress right now, but I don't feel this level of irritability is warrented. Hmph.

After reading Emma's post on molybdenum, I now feel extra pissed off at the health food store lady. ARRRRRRR. I resorted to ordering some liquid molybdenum drops online that will cost me a bundle, due to shipping. Something that should be $8, is ending up costing me much much more.

F*&^ing hell.


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