Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Can You Feel Happy and Sick?

Foods Eaten: Decaf coffee; clarified butter; rutabaga; eggs; cashews; ON pancakes (made from egg yolks, eggs; water, salt, clarified butter, flour), fried in lard; ascorbic acid; sodium bicarbonate
Calories: 1933 Fat: 173 g Carb: 49 g Fibre: 5 g Protein: 53 g
Weight:153.5 lbs

Cuz I do. I feel great, emotionally, but my throat is feeling sore and scratchy again, my mouth is sore and I have a mild headache. I forgot to mention that my calves had been aching for the past few days, but they're feeling better today. The period that I thought had started a couple of days ago decided to go away after only about 5 minutes of spotting (but I'm due for it, so I'm expecting it will come any time now.)

These new symptoms could be a reaction to anything that has happened between my slip-up with dairy a couple of days ago and my mint-assault from this morning. But, honestly, I don't care! I just wanna cuddle up and enjoy the fact that I'm happy!



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