Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Foods Eaten: Eggs; egg yolks; clarified butter; canned pear in syrup, drained; celery; chicken; lamb; celery; Napa cabbage; green onions; bean sprouts; canola oil; garlic; sweet corn; cashews
Calories: 1655 Fat: 126 g Carb: 58 g Fibre: 10 g Protein: 84 g
Weight: 152.5 lbs

Oh my. My boss took me out for lunch today (something I always dread, although it's a nice gesture). We went to a Mongolian restaurant, which, at first I thought would be great, as you just go from station to station picking out veggies and meat and sauces and they fire it all up on a big hot grill for you. Well, I picked only failsafe veg, plus lamb and chicken and did not put any sauce on. I know they didn't put any sauce on either because I saw them making it. However, right now my face is totally inflamed and my eyes are very very itchy!! My rosacea is out of control and my skin, which was almost flawless this morning, is now all nubbly and red and hot. The corners of my nose are painful and red and I now have three spots on my chin, instead of just the one that was there this morning. This is horrible! I also feeling very much like I did last time I had MSG (headachy, bloated, spacey)... so strange. They cleaned off the griddle with big scrapers and with water between each person's food went on the grill, but is it possible that there were traces of additives left on the grill that infused my food? I had no idea I was THAT sensitive. Ugh. I feel awful.

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