Monday, April 24, 2006

Oh. My. God.

Foods Eaten: Eggs; clarified butter; canned pear in syrup, drained and rinsed; egg yolks; chicken; chicken fat; Napa cabbage; Brussels sprouts; celery; leeks
Calories: 1461 Fat: 124 g Carb: 25 g Fibre: 4 g Protein: 66 g
Weight: 151 lbs

I am an idiot. I think I've just figured something out (that really shouldn't have taken this long).

The day before I gave up dairy, I went out shopping with A. and some friends. One of the places we went is a store called "Honest Ed's", which is this bargain basement store that sells everything at very very cheap prices. I hadn't been in there for years, so I thougth 'what the hell' and had a look around. There, I found 2 pairs of shoes that only cost $15.00 a pair (which is disgustingly cheap). So I got them, they were shockingly comfortable and everything was dandy. We will come back to this later in my story.

Over the course of the next week, I started noticing at work that there was a horrible smell in my office. Sort of a cross between burning plastic and rubber. I could not identify the source of the smell because it would come and go - some days it wasn't there at all. It was around this time that my mood started to really deteriorate, despite the fact that I had given up dairy. I gave up grains eventually, too and finally, my mood began to improve again about a week ago.

This morning, I left the house and got into my car and suddenly, the horrible pong hit me again - I frantically started sniffing around and realised it was THE SHOES that had been the smell! These cheap shoes were reeking up my life without me even noticing and because they were on my feet (not close to my nose) and sometimes I was walking outside or in a more open environment where the smell would just be swept away. I've tested some of my coworkers, asking them if they can smell any chemical smell in the air... none of them can. The only reason I can is probably because my sense of smell is so acute right now. The chemicals were probably seeping through my socks and right into my feet.

So then I thought about it for a minute. I haven't worn either of those pairs of shoes at all in the last week and a half or so. I recently started wearing lighter shoes because the weather has improved, but today, it was much colder out, so I put them on again. Now I'm sitting in my office, stuck wearing these horribly stinky chemical shoes. I wish I had a window I could open. God I'm stupid... Maybe it wasn't grains that was my problem, but the shoes!! Or a combination? Once I'm totally clean from today's shoe-wearing and from the few little indiscretions over the weekend, I'll do a wheat trial again and see what happens. Not that I'll make it a habit to have grains (due to all the other crap in them), but would be nice to be able to have a touch of flour on occasion.

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Blogger the witch said...

Hi Annabelle, glad you're starting to have some better days in between the bad ones at last. Don't worry too much about being irritable at the start of a diet though. What a revelation about the shoes! Were you wearing them when you had that hypoglycemic reaction to dairy, or was that before you bought them? I guess you need to do a shoe-free trial now! Heh heh.

4:02 p.m.  
Blogger Mother Nuture said...

The dairy thing happened before the shoes, unfortunately. But perhaps I was not entirely 'clear' from all the other factors that had been in my diet. I do plan on trialing dairy again once I have a good 6 or 7-day track record with symptoms.

7:48 p.m.  

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